Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Summer is upon us...

As many of you know back in December I upgraded to a minivan.  The weather was cold back then so I didn't use the AC as often but now that summer is upon us I have been using it more frequently.

Well, the other day I noticed that my rug on the passanger's side had some white stains on them but I didn't fret because I actually thought it was dried up sand from our trip to the beach.  When I tried to clean it I noticed that it was mold forming on the rug due to a water leak under my dashboard.  When I noticed this I immediately looked for an auto shop to see what could be done.  I found a couple of places but I had leave the car there so I decided to just call a mechanic that comes to my house to have it checked out.

Once he checked it out he told me that it could be a crack in the AC box that is under that dashboard.  He said that it could cost a pretty penny cuz he has to take the dash apart just to see if that is the problem.  He told me to check if there were any recalls for this problem because if there were the company would have to pay for the repairs.

Long story short... My air is still leaking, I have to change a belt and the check engine light turned on the other day.

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