Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Francesca's Birth Story

On Saturday at around 10 am we were getting ready to go to Costco to buy stuff for Felipe's small birthday party but it started to rain so Adrian told me we should wait for it to stop. Since we weren't going out I started to pick up some clothes that I had washed. A little while later I went to the bathroom and saw some blood in my urine so I freaked out and called Daymarys, my midwife. Her first question was "Are you having any contractions?". I had been feeling great so I said no but that the blood had worried me. She assured me that it was normal and to keep her posted if I started to have contractions.

At around 11:08 am I started having contractions but I didn't call my midwife immediately because I wanted to make sure they were real and consistent. So around 1:15 I called her and told her what was happening and she asked me to keep monitoring my contractions and if they got any closer than the 5 to 7 minutes that they had been to call her. If everything continued the same then she just wanted me to go see her at 4 so she could check me out and see if I was ready.

I arrived at the birthing center at around 4:30 pm. When the midwife did her exams she gave me the bad news that I was only 4 cm dilated. She gave me the choice to go home or just go walk around. I chose to go walk around the Publix that was across the street. At about 6 we returned to the center and I had only dilated another centimeter.

By this time Daymarys chose to keep me there so I started walking around the center and sitting on the exercise ball. Aside from all this Adrian started working on some pressure points that were suppose to induce labor.

At around 9:30 my water broke while I was in the bathroom.

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