Monday, August 18, 2008

Tropical Storm Fey

Today was a LOOONNNGGG RAIINNNY day. We spent the day sitting at home with all the shutters closed... It wasn't really necessary but we closed them because they are doing construction on the house next to ours and we didn't want any flying debris to hit our windows.

The only bad part about closing our shutters is that in the process I caught my finger in one of them and it was a BLOODY situation. My finger is OK but Adrian had to patch it up so it wouldn't get infected. Hopefully it won't require stitches.

Felipe dealt well with all the rain and wind. He behaved especially well when we had to go outside to close the shutters... We left him in his play-pen and he was just chilling in there playing with his toys. I think he didn't even notice we were gone until we came back in drenched from the rainstorm we got caught in.

Hopefully this will be a slow hurricane season because I hate having to deal with all this rain, wind and closing of the shutters.

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