Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I hope that all the mothers who read my blog had a great day surrounded by your loved one.

My first mother's day was great. We all headed to Crandon Park to spend the day there. Jayme (my boss) had planned a day at the beach for his family and the invitation was extended to friends and their relatives. At first I thought of just going for a few hours but we ended up being at the beach for about 5 hours.

Today was also Felipe's first trip to the beach. We had taken him to the beach when he was only 2 months old but he had never been in the ocean. Just as I imagined, he loved being in the water. He was kicking and laughing eventhough he was exhausted. We were in the water for about 45 minutes when Felipe started to doze-off on my shoulder. This was my signal that I should take him back to the picnic area so that he could sleep comfortably in his stroller. I barely made it to the showers without him falling asleep. I had my mom and Osmart singing to him so that he wouldn't fall asleep and I could wash off all the salt water before he took his afternoon nap.

Before we got out of the water my mom was making him "swim". He was loving the water and when my mom held him in the swimming position, he would kick his little feet. He is a video so you can enjoy it as much as we were.

I really enjoyed my day and look forward to spending many more like these with Felipe.


AmandaDufau said...

Happy Mother's Day!
Que lindo...but what's with the music? LOL
p.s. I see your brace-less smile...NICE!!!

Anonymous said...

Que belleza como nos hubiera gustado disfrutar de ese momento pero habran muchos mas con el favor de Diosito
Los queremos
Tios Vincent & Jannette y Abuelita Dorita