Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Night with the Miami Heat Players

Last night Adrian and I went to the Annual Miami Heat Season Ticket Holders event thanks to Gonz's generosity. We arrived early so we were just sitting there watching how they prepared everything on the stage. They were going to be playing a game of Family Feud and the participants would be players and ticket holders. Well you guessed it, Adrian was choosen to be one of the participants. He was all excited to be able to participate but I think his excitement got even bigger when he realized he would be sitting next to SHAQ.

They each took turns answering the question just like in Family Feud. At one moment Adrian gave a correct answer and they won the round. They got up to do their "Happy Dance" and SHAQ picks Adrian up, spins him and then grabs his butt. It was a fun night and as you can imagine Adrian has not stopped talking about it.

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