Friday, August 31, 2007

The long awaited update

Felipe Ignacio has been very busy this past month...

Felipe has been going on daily walks around our property with his daddy to cure his jaundice... He really loves being outdoors so their walks are very enjoyable for him.

He has already gone to visit both his grandmothers. He even tried shooting pool with his daddy but he fell asleep before it was his turn.

I had cabin fever a few weeks ago so we all went to Dolphin Mall to walk around... Apparently Felipe Ignacio was not bothered by all the noise because he slept the whole time that we were there.

On the day of his 1 month birthday he went to the Miami Children's Museum to his very first birthday party. Everyone was super happy to see him at the party because until the last minute I was not sure if I would take him.

On Monday he had his one-month checkup and the doctor found him in very good health. He is in the 45 percentile for weight (8lbs 8oz) and 55 percentile for height (22 inches).

Yesterday we went to the Dolphin Mall once again but this time we went to the movies. That is right Felipe Ignacio has gone to his first movie. We went to see Mr. Bean's Holiday.

I will post more updates soon....

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Claudia said...

He beat Christian to it (he's yet to go to the movies).