Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Bedroom Set

Tonight we will be sleeping in our brand new king size bed. 

Yesterday we went to IKEA to buy ourselves a new bedroom set because for the past few nights we haven't had a bed.

Now that I think back,  it seems like a funny story but it wasn't at first.

This past Saturday we were having lunch when my mother-in-law calls and asks if we are still selling our bedroom set.  I tell that yes we are still selling it and that it includes the TV.  She then tells me that she knows someone who is moving and looking for a bedroom set.  We hang up and I tell Adrian.  Obviously we assume that if the lady wants it we will have a few days to get everything organized but not five minutes have past and my mother-in-law calls back.  She then informs me that the lady will be in our house in about an hour to pick it up.  Yes you read correctly the lady was actually in the process of moving that day so since she had the moving truck she thought it would be smart to come and pick it up immediately.

Now it is time to rush and get EVERYTHING out of the drawers and find places to put all this stuff.  It is amazing how much you can store in a bedroom set that has a million drawers.  Once we finish emptying out everything Adrian and I proceed to disassemble the bed so that when the lady gets here she can just load the truck.  This was no easy task because the headboard, nighstand and bed where all hooked up together.  Finally we got everything taken apart and out of the house when the lady calls to say she might not make it... my mother-in-law tells her she better come because everything is outside waiting for them.

When everything was gone and we had an EMPTY room Adrian looks around and says "We should paint the room."  At first I wanted to scream because I was exhausted from moving everything but then it sunk in and I thought this would be the best time considering the room was empty.  So on Sunday morning we headed to Home Depot to buy everything to paint the room and the renovation started.  Luckily we were able to paint the whole room with just two coats of paint and we finished quickly.

During all this renovation ordeal we had to improvise our sleeping arrangements.  Felipe was sleeping in Francesca's bed, I was sleeping with Francesca in his bed and Adrian was sleeping on the couch. 

Trust me, after this LONG WEEKEND Adrian is extremely happy that we can finally sleep in our own bed tonight.

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