Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy First Birthday Princess

A year ago today, at this exact time, Francesca joined our family.

Dear Francesca,

It's been a year of happiness not only for daddy and me but also for all those that have gotten to know you.

For the past week all your daddy and I can say is "Can you believe it's been a year?". Although it seems like time has flown by, we can definitely say that we have enjoyed every minute that we have been with you.

Today you are turnig one and you have taken us on a roller coaster ride like no other.  Eventhough we already went through all this with your brother I can definitely say that it has been a different experience.

Together we've experienced: baby kicks, ultrasounds, heartburn, breastfeeding, burping, sleepless night, co-sleeping, exhaustion, diaper changes, explosive poops, constipation, getting pooped on the hand, baths, first bath, First Halloween, First Thanksgiving, First Christmas, First New Year's, Your Baptism, First Valentine's Day, First St Patty's Day, First Easter, First 4th of July, leaving to work in the mornings while you are crying for me, booger bubbles, gases, long nails, fussiness, scratches, SIDS obsessions, bottom teeth, homemade baby food, lots of pictures, First trip to the zoo, First car trip, First time at the beach, First time in the ocean, laughs, bumps, bruises, scratches, standing in the crib, biting, drooling, slobbery kisses, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling up, standing, face landings, sleeping through the night, tantrums, giggles, mama, dada, saliva bubbles, rocking you to sleep, singing you to sleep, multiple pediatrician appointments, clapping, peekaboo, screaming, squeals of delight, tickles, waving bye-bye, first dip in the pool, Mother's day, Father's Day ... and your first birthday!

Wow, my precious, it must have been an exhausting year for you.

Happy 1st Birthday Francesca!!!

I love you my princess and with every day that passes, I love you even more. I'm looking forward to the next year of "adventures" with you.


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