Sunday, December 30, 2007

Felipe Ignacio's Baptism

Yesterday was Felipe Ignacio's baptism. He was baptized at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Miami and Father Gerardo performed the ceremony.

Our little boy was very well behaved during the whole ceremony. We all thought that he would cry when Father Gerardo poured the water over his head but he didn't he actually smiled.

After the ceremony was over and we all took pictures with Felipe and headed home for the reception.

We had set-up a tent with tables in our backyard. Luckily the weather was really nice so it was fun to be outdoors. We had a some hors devours until the real food arrived. We had ordered some Paella and also some chicken with mushroom sauce for those who do not eat seafood.

In the end I think everyone had a great time.

Felipe Ignacio's Baptism Photo Album

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