Monday, June 04, 2007

Were we on While you were out...???

I feel like I just participated in an episode of TLC's While You Were Out. This past weekend Adrian, his mom and I went up to St. Augustine to a 50th Wedding Anniversary. We left early Friday morning and returned late last night but when we got home we were surprised to find that our baby's nursery had been completely painted and finished....

Apparently my mom, my grandmother, our AWESOME friend Marilu and her sister Emily had spent the whole weekend transforming our old office into the baby's nursery.

My mom and grandmother moved all our JUNK out of the room on Friday and then they all started to paint and decorate the room. I can only imagine the trouble they went through to finish everything in 2 days... They were apparently rushing yesterday because they expected us to return around 4 or 5 pm.

Let me tell you the story of how we discovered this AWESOME SURPRISE....

We arrived at home yesterday and since we had rented a car to go on our little trip Adrian wanted to park it inside the driveway so I went to move my car so we could fit all three cars in there. The large trash can was right behind my car so I moved it but when I did this I realized that it was heavy but I just thought that they hadn't picked up the trash on Friday so I didn't give it much thought.

We got all the stuff out of the car and went into the house. I noticed there was a bottle of Coke on the counter but I thought that maybe Adrian's grandfather had bought it cuz we don't drink soda at home. By this time Adrian was taking the luggage to the room and I heard him say "Oh my god". I immediately thought that maybe I left something in the room that was in his way so I headed towards our room. As I was heading towards our room I saw that on the door of our office there was a little pillow hanging. I had been looking at a pillow just like it this weekend so I thought that my pregnancy brain was playing tricks on me cuz I didn't remember buying the pillow. Then when I got right in front of the office I realized that not only was there a pillow hanging on the door handle but there was also a plaque hanging in the middle of the door. This plaque could have only come from one place and that was from our friend Marilu. She is famous for making these plaques for all the babies' rooms.

At this point I am just curious how it got there so I open the door to the room and see that it was completely painted, decorated and organized.

We were in such SHOCK that we were speechless. We couldn't believe that the room was done. Of course my next question to Adrian was "Were is all our junk" and that is when Adrian pointed to our room.

They are organized everything in such a fashion that our computer was set-up on a small desk and all the books from the bookcases had been arranged in the little room that we have in the back of the house.

After seeing what had been done with the room many things that have been happening for the last week or so fell into place....

About a week or so ago my aunt had been asking me what I thought about crown moulding because she wanted to put some in her house.... Of course, I now have crown moulding in the baby's room.

Marilu had been asking me what colors I wanted to paint the room.... Apparently she was the investigator for my family because they knew that I wouldn't get suspicious about her asking me this question.

On Friday my mom called and she said to call her cellphone... This seemed strange to me because she never wanted me to call her cell while she is at work but I just thought maybe something was wrong with her work phone.... Of course now I see that she wouldn't have picked up at work because she was at my house transforming our office into a nursery.

Well that is it for now...

OUR HEARTFELT THANKS go out to My Mom, My Grandmother, our Awesome Friend Marilu, Emily and Osmart (my step-father) for all the work they put into getting the room finished before we got home.

We would also like to thank my aunt Jannette because this was her present to us and the baby.

Here is a link to the photo album with pictures of the Baby's Nursery


AmandaDufau said...

That is awesome!!

Baby ________ has a room! YAY!

Claudia said...

ALMOST... "all the babies rooms"...I'm still waiting for my plaque.

The room looks very cute and very nice! It looks like alot of hard work was put into it.