Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Baby got lots of presents....

On Sunday we had the long awaited Baby Shower...

Thanks to my mom's hard work everything turned out so beautiful. She made some great centerpieces for the tables and some delicious coconut balls to put around the gorgeous cake she had ordered.

On the guestbook table my mom placed a mailbox for the guests to deposit their letters to the baby. I did receive a few letters that day with touching words for our baby. Others told me they would send it to me because they forgot. I really hope to receive many letters so I can include them in the baby's scrapbook.

My friend Sandra made me a beautiful diaper cake and also an umbrella full of "Capias" for all the guests.

We had a great turn out of guests... Some could not make it because of prior engagements or they were feeling under the weather but they were there in spirit.

We were very fortunate to receive lots of presents at the Baby Shower but also throughout this pregnancy some of our friends have been giving us their kids hand-me-downs and I think the most useful will be the Mejia kids' crib.

I will post more photos later... but for now this is all I have.

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