Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The father has felt THE KICKS

I am happy to announce that Adrian finally felt the baby kick last night. Although they are very faint on the outside you can still feel them. He was bothering me because since they are so faint he says they can't feel that much stronger on the inside but trust me when I tell you that I feel them a lot more than anyone can.

I spent almost all day giggling yesterday because this baby is moving around so much that I constantly have a tickling feeling in my belly.

For all those that have never felt the moving of a baby I must say it is a unbelievable experience.

I have a Dr appointment next week so I will update you on that as soon as I get back.

Til then hope you all have a great week and enjoy a picture I took last week....


Claudia said...

Little "Baboy" is going to be a soccer player.

Anonymous said...

Your belly looks so cute! I miss Isabella in my belly :( Cherish every kick because I have to say that is what I miss the most and its only been 2 weeks since I gave birth
- Laura Rosenberger